About us

Monica Torres, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive, Dr. Torres directs the firm’s strategy work and serves as senior researcher leading research methodology development and strategy. She has consulted for 20+ years with government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporate clients implementing social marketing and consumer campaigns. Dr. Torres received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on research methods from Boston University. She served as a post-doctoral fellow and instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Tatiana Torres
Chief Operations Officer

Tatiana is an attorney by trade, handling contract negotiations and overseeing all operating activities of the company. She leads the Business Development efforts with private, government and nonprofit sector clients. Tatiana has extensive experience in contract development, research, sales and management for diverse industries. Tatiana holds a Bachelors in Sociology from UCLA and is a graduate of Syracuse Law School.

Nichole Becker
Director of Quantitative Research

Nichole has a talent for translating masses of numerical data into something clients can use. Her research experience spans 25 years across a spectrum of brands including Yahoo, Kia, Macy’s, Microsoft, MoneyGram, Nivea, Old Spice, Telemundo, Valiant Pharmaceuticals, and Western Union. She began her career conducting macroeconomic forecasting and risk assessment for the US government. Nichole holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Occidental College.

Susanna Whitmore
Director of Qualitative Research

Susanna combines social and consumer -related ethnography with visual documentation, conducting studies among Latino, Middle Eastern, African American and general communities within the U.S. She was previously a principal and SVP of Business Development at New American Dimensions where she conducted studies for Kraft, Best Buy, AFLAC, United Way, Unilever, and Campbell’s Soup to name a few. Susanna holds a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles.

Elsy Guardado
Public Affairs Director

Elsy serves as Public Affairs Director overseeing new business development, marketing efforts and project oversight. Previously, she held the role of Vice President of Public Affairs for Ogilvy where she led the public affairs work for the Los Angeles office including serving as account lead for government clients. She has extensive experience managing integrated teams working on brand and social media strategies, public affairs initiatives, and creative campaigns. Elsy holds a Bachelors in Business Management from Pepperdine.

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