Case Study: Product Development


Online video game producer wanted to market to Hispanic males 14 to 18 years old but didn’t know how to find them, where they played video games, and who were the major influencers.



SocialQuest Solution

  • Using our Organic approach, we deployed street teams to conduct a community grass-roots outreach that identified key influencers of young Hispanic males and located where they gathered to play video games.
  • We discovered that young Hispanic males networked at cyber cafés because they lacked access to a computer at home.
  • We took over cyber cafés in key Hispanic communities and conducted dialogues with the target audience using our TAA method.





  • We identified an effective strategy to reach the target and developed an innovative cutting edge research design that identified effective advertising messages and products.
  • Client was able to use more targeted advertising focus on the drivers of video purchasing, thus increasing sales.
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